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\ \ What is Thermal Imaging?

What is Thermal Imaging?

What is Thermal Imaging?  

Thermal Imaging is an image taken on a Thermal imaging camera, this camera translated thermal energy (heat/infrared) into visible light. This image gives the viewer a unique opportunity to analyse the object or scene that is captured by the thermal imaging camera. 

The image produced is know as a thermogram and is analysed carefully through a process called thermography. The thermogram can give the viewer an immediate impression and opportunity to analyse the object or scene being captured. The images can also be processed through specialised software for further analysis and accuracy. Thermal Images take measuring temperature to the next level, displaying temperature visually through a range of colours from dark blue through to amber and red, giving the viewer a much more engaging analysis than what a numerical temperature would.  

What are the uses for Thermal Imaging? 

Thermal Imaging can be used for a wide variety of things, most commonly thermal imaging has been used to measure the effectiveness of insulation in homes. The way that the camera captures temperature shows areas which are cooler and letting more heat out can give the viewer good insights of how well the building in structured and can lead to the discovery of small holes and leaks before they become a problem.  

Other uses for thermal imaging include but are not limited to: 

    • Equine Thermography - This is the thermal imaging of horses to work give a better impression of the horses health in terms of pain, particularly in the back. 
    • Drone Surveys - There are thermal imaging surveys that are taken with a camera on a drone which take thermal images from an aerial view. 
    • Problem identification - Electrical, Insulation, Water leaks. Air leaks. Mechanical issues, Loose electrical connections, Overloaded components, Over heating pumps.
    • & many more.

What’s next

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