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\ Air Leak Detection Survey

Air Leak Detection Survey

Client - Aeroflex Hose and Engineering

What they do:

air leaks detection survey

Aeroflex Hose & Engineering are market leaders in the design, development and distribution of specialist hose assemblies. These hose assemblies are designed to be used in aggressive and challenging environments. As experts within the industrial gas, commercial engineering and defence markets Aeroflex’s products have to cater for hydraulic, gas, air, steam and fuel system applications.

Outstanding quality and unfailing reliability are essential requirements as a result all Aeroflex products are subject to vigorous and continuous testing; as a result they use a high volume of compressed air in the production and testing of their products.

The Problem:

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in energy efficiency can be difficult for busy manufacturers- more often than not the primary concern is to keep production steady, ensuring business profitability, continuation and job security for employees. Thermal Savings understands this and that is why we have developed a range of non-disruptive surveys, designed to save our partners money and maximise their energy efficiency. 

Aeroflex were particularly concerned about the energy consumption of the compressors. They had had the compressors for some time and had begun to notice changes in the pressure gauge but beyond getting them serviced once a year they simply didn’t have time to investigate further.

air leaks detection survey air leaks detection survey air leaks detection survey air leaks detection survey

The Solution:

In this particular instance Thermal Savings carried out an air leak detection survey. Using specialist ultrasound equipment we covered the factory floor; examining the complete compression system, from the compressor and piping, to the end user points. Through our comprehensive survey of the whole system Thermal Savings were able to uncover a total of 14 inaudible leaks, of varying sizes.

If these leaks were left running at their standard rate, over the course of the year they would’ve equated to 52,780 (lbs) of wasted CO2 and would’ve cost Aeroflex £8,205.41 in wasted energy.

All of the findings were put into an easy to read report, to be passed on to the in-house maintenance teams for immediate repair. The survey caused minimal disruption to the operation of the site and provided inexpensive solutions and guidance on how they should proceed.

Aeroflex Hose & Engineering were so impressed by the savings that they now aim to carry out the air leak survey biannually, alongside their annual service carried out by their compressor provider.

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