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What is Ticor Software?

Sample Software Report, Thermal Savings UKTICOR™ reporting software is used by predictive maintenance and condition monitoring teams for a variety of industry applications to effectively monitor the health and performance of assets. The android based software has been designed to create instant onsite reports in less than 20 seconds after completion of inspection.

Never write another report again

With our TICOR android software. create, email or save reports in under 2mins. 

Modules which are available for Thermography: 

  • Electrical, mechanical, building, water leaks, sand levels in separators.
  • Corona.
  • Partial discharge.
  • Building visual inspections.
  • Snagging.
  • Schedule of works.

Customised modules are available, should you need more information simply Contact Us

Ticor includes a variety of thermographic and visual inspection modules to effectively determine problem areas onsite. The software has been developed with a sequence of mathematical, thermal indexing and load correction formulas to identify minor, important, serious and critical faults within assets.

A sequence of preformatted knowledge based library questions are built into the software to enable quick, easy and reliable reporting.

TICOR can work standalone or it can be linked to our online campaign management system WEBCOR which displays reports instantly upon upload.

TICOR Android Field Software at a glance:

  • Use standalone for single report generation.
  • Sync with WEBCOR to download assigned inspections.
  • Imported inventory or create from new.
  • Load correction formula based on measured equipment temperature, ambient and load patterns for automatic fault detection.
  • Record test status, digital and IR images with temperature data for all equipment.
  • Automatic trend analysis between inspections.
  • One click checks for missing and duplicate equipment IR and digital images.
  • Report generation in less than 15 seconds.

How it works


What’s next

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