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Stop Energy Loss

Thermal imaging surveys have been designed to assess the thermal efficiency of a property by identifying areas of heat loss, air leakage, damp and leaks. Common causes of heat loss is due to missing, damaged or water saturated insulation with the walls or roof.

Almost anywhere within the property, windows, doors, chimneys. brickwork and soffits there is a potential for heat loss. We can expose defects which can be brought to the attention of the owner and recommend measures to resolve the issues and save energy.


Surveys identify areas where insulation has not been installed correctly or has never been installed.

A Thermal survey will identify all areas of any property old or new including insulation, damp, water leaks, air leaks and electrical issues.

The most common heat loss areas are:

Heat loss through Walls, Thermal Savings UKWALLS

General cause of heat loss is inconsistent insulation within in the buildings structure creating cold spots.

Heat loss through Windows, Thermal Savings UKWINDOWS

Drafts due to poorly fitted window frames, or quite simply poor quality window panes.

Heat loss through Doors, Thermal Savings UKDOORS

Droughts through insufficient or damaged door seals. 

Heat loss through Lofts, Thermal Savings UKLOFTS

Insulation that has been incorrectly laid or has been laid too thin.

What’s next

Thermal savings are thermal imaging experts can perform a heat loss survey that can save you money. Call us today on 01202 950357 to see how you can save money on your energy bills.

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