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Thermal Imaging Drone Surveys in Dorset

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At Thermal Savings, all our drone survey pilots are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved and certified. We use pilots because drones are a very serious piece of equipment and in the wrong hands serious damage can be caused to the public and surrounding areas. They are classed as an aircraft and not a toy by the CAA, so to protect your business make sure you use a company with qualified CAA pilots. A drone is your eye in the sky and can be used for whatever your imagination requires.

Drone Surveys for Building Inspections

The video opposite shows the versatility of the drone and the many applications with which it can be used. Saving you time and money.

  • Access anything that isn’t reachable.
  • Rooftops - why pay for costly scaffolding when a drone can be launched at minimal cost to you.
  • Chimney towers.
  • Corona - power line inspections - take away the cost of a helicopter, film crew etc. by using a drone to check on power line anomalies including corona loss.
  • Place a thermal imagery camera on the drone and suddenly it offers heat loss capabilities that allow rooftop inspections for both residential and commercial buildings.
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Drone Surveys for Farming

Drones can now be used to improve crop yield providing a way to carry out aerial surveys of crops. This way, you can see if the irrigation systems are working, how the plants are growing and by using infrared technology  even see if any of the plants were sick. Farms are often quite large so the mobility and agility of a drone comes in handy. Certainly beats walking.

Drone cameras can identify where nitrogen levels are low or watch the growth of a certain field section can also help farmers. Drones with infrared light cameras can reveal plant health by reflecting how efficient photosynthesis is in various plants. You can program a UAV route and it will take pictures at the exact same spot for as long as you'd like so you can make a great comparative growth analysis, even down to an individual plant. 

The Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is an index of plant “greenness” or photosynthetic activity, and is one of the most commonly used vegetation indices.


Drone Surveys for Archeology

What would Indiana Jones think? A team of archaeologists uncovered structures thought to be from an ancient Native American village in New Mexico using drones equipped with heat-sensing cameras. The thermal images enabled the researchers to see beneath the desert floor, which helped them locate the buried structures.

Drone Surveys for Search and Rescue

From protecting endangered species from poachers or finding a missing pet, drones offer excellent surveillance usage. Fit it with a thermal imagery camera and its uses multiply vastly, from seeking out the injured from an earthquake or finding a missing person in the darkness of the night to protecting your property from intruders.

Dorne Surveys for Solar Panel Inspection

Aerial surveys using our specialist drones to view solar panels with thermal cameras will identify any anomalies in panels or failures. 

Drones will survey large areas of solar panels very quickly therefore making them extremely cost effective.

What’s next

Thermal savings are thermal imaging experts can perform a heat loss survey that can save you money. Call us today on 01202 950357 to see how you can save money on your energy bills.

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