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At Thermal Savings all our Pilots are CAA approved and certified. Yes i say Pilots because make no bones about it drones are a very serious piece of kit and in the wrong hands serious damage can be caused to the public and surrounding areas.

They are classed as an aircraft and not a toy by the Civil Aviation Authority so all steps should be taken to ensure your business uses qualified CAA pilots. In a nutshell a drone is your eye in the sky and can be used for whatever your imagination requires.

Corporate and Weddings visual

A great way of promoting a team photo engaging all your staff with one shot. What about an aerial picture of all the guests at your wedding.

Country Estates and Land visual

Show off your estate and the land you own.

Golf courses

Let a drone show a hole by hole representation of your course to present on your website or even better your app.

Real Estate: Residential and Commercial

Trying to sell your house? Well, wouldn't it be cool if you could offer potential buyers an aerial view of your property, very dramatic and appealling? This is popular with real estate industry's and it's becoming increasingly common for property listings to be accompanied by a drone tour. Show off your property from above and offer a full 360 degree birds eye view from above.


Protect your interests and assets with state of the art thermal imagery from above.

Crowd Control

Make exits and entries more efficient by having an eye in the sky to assist in where to direct people.

Film Making

ITV and BBC along with top Hollywood studios all use drones to produce spectacular images and footage.

Disaster response

Q. How bad have the floods been? A. Send a drone up it will offer damage assessment to you within minutes.
Q. How far reaching is that wildfire? A. Send a drone up and it will tell you in minutes protecting fire crews and their lives.


Using a bird's eye view with an infra-red camera mounted on to a drone archaeologists discovered an ancient village. The thermal images generated from under the desert sands allowed researchers to see and locate the buried ruins.

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3D Mapping

Small, lightweight drones may look like simple model aeroplanes, but they can survey landscapes with thousands of digital images that can be stitched together into 3-D maps. Military and other government satellites produce similar maps, but emerging UAV technology can put that capability in the hands of small companies and individuals, to be customized and used for a seemingly endless variety of applications.

Search and Rescue

From protecting endangered species from poachers or finding a missing pet, drones offer excellent surveillance usage. Fit it with a thermal imagery camera and its uses multiply vastly, from seeking out the injured from an earthquake or finding a missing person in the darkness of the night to protecting your property from intruders.

Solar panel inspection

Improve productivity by aerial inspection of those damaged and unproductive PV panels.


Show wildlife from above, a non evasive solution to collecting information on herds, lost animals etc.

What’s next

Thermal savings are thermal imaging experts can perform a heat loss survey that can save you money. Call us today on 01202 950357 to see how you can save money on your energy bills.

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