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Equine Thermography


Equine thermography is better known as 'thermal imaging of horses'. It is a gentle, non-invasive method used to identify areas of injury or stress that would otherwise go unchecked.

Why use thermography to survey your horse's health?

Horses do not display symptoms of pain or discomfort until the underlying issue has progressed to something far more serious. As prey animals, they will mask any physical discomfort for as long as possible. Perceiving behavioural changes is often a good indication that something is not quite right, but still your horse can look and feel as though they are in good health. This presents problems for owners and trainers alike. This is where equine thermography has huge benefits.

  •  Uncover issues that are invisible to eye and touch.
  •  Ensure problem doesn’t escalate.
  •  Ease suffering.
  •  Reduce recovery time.
  •  Save money in professional costs.


Thermographic imaging of horses is intended as a preventative measure to aid diagnosis, rather than full diagnosis or treatment. Thermal imaging provides high definition images which will pinpoint any areas of pain or discomfort so your delegated professional can advise a relevant course of treatment. Having a thermal image taken of your horse can help you identify potential health issues sooner and as a result will ensure that your horse receives treatment quicker and will increase recovery time.

Thermal Imaging can be used to assess the following:

  •  Back Health i.e. kissing spine, muscle inflammation, saddle-fit problems.
  •  Farriery and Hoof Health i.e. abscess, bruising, laminitis, imbalanced trimming/ shoeing/ loading.
  •  Lameness Localisation i.e. detection of changes in circulation or nervous system function.
  •  Monitoring Healing Process i.e. easy serial imaging of tendons, ligaments, muscles etc.
  •  Pre-race or Pre-competition Screening i.e. preventing breakdowns or catastrophic injuries.

 Other Benefits:

  •  Ensuring Ethics in Sport i.e anti-soring of gaited horses, anti-rapping.
  •  Research & Development i.e. footing surfaces, mats & pads, therapeutic equipment etc.

Thermal Savings UK are dedicated to the effective and practical use of equine thermography.

We are highly motivated by the range of practical uses that Equine Thermography has to offer in the management, training, health, lameness assessment, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation of horses. Our highly skilled (level III) thermographers are adept at analysing thermal images and will provide a detailed report upon survey completion. Thermography of the equine is a ground-breaking way of assessing the overall health of your horse, eliminating stress and discomfort.

What is your horse trying to tell you?

Call us today on 01202 950 357 and find out how much thermal imaging can tell you about your horse’s health.

“I was delighted that we called upon Anthony’s services from Thermal Savings UK Equine for thermal imagery software. We were in the midst of buying a particular horse to race, but after a thermography assessment discovered the horse had early symptoms of ‘kissing spine’ we decided against purchasing it!” - Natalie, Horse & Stable Owner

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