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\ Thermal Imaging Surveys in Wiltshire

Thermal Imaging Surveys in Wiltshire

Thermal Imaging surveys can help uncover hard-to-find faults and mechanical issues long before they are made obvious to building surveyors and maintenance teams. As a result Thermal Imaging is a quick way of assessing where your building is losing heat, energy and money.

Thermal Savings UK have performed a number of thermal imaging surveys for a variety of different industries and sectors. We’ve helped a number of businesses across the south improve their energy efficiency ratings and save money- take a look at our testimonials page.


As well as identifying areas of heat loss, a thermal imaging survey can also uncover potential faults with electrical and mechanical systems. This means that maintenance works can be carried out immediately, avoiding breakdown or disruption to production.

  • Identify developing mechanical or electrical faults.
  • Identify areas of heat loss/ energy wastage.
  • Identify break down in insulation continuity.
  • Identify structural maintenance issues.
  • Identify defects at post-construction inspections.


  • Extend the life of your machinery.
  • Limit disruption to production.
  • Ensure the safety of your employees.
  • Improve the energy efficiency rating of your building.
  • Save energy and money.

Thermal Savings UK are experts in energy conservation. Our surveys and solutions will save your business energy and money. Call us today on 01202 950 357 and find out how much Thermal Savings UK could save you!

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